English/Language Arts has been going very well. Mrs. Van Houzen team teaches this class with me. We both agree that this is a great group of sixth graders! I want to keep you informed of what we are focusing on.

We spend time each day READING! The best way to become a better reader is to READ! We will visit the library every other Monday to check out books. Students may also check out books from their classroom library. They are asked to bring an IR (independent reading book) to each core class to read during extra time.

We have worked on identifying the subject (noun) and verb of a sentence. Next week we will work on identifying prepositional phrases. We are working on this to help us write proper sentences.

Books are divided into various genre or types. Some examples are realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and poetry. Students have taken notes on the various types and will have a quiz next Thursday on this material. On Monday students will take home a definition study page. I will also post it on the blog.

Students have a reading/writing journal which they keep at school. On one side they keep a list of books that they have read, responses to their reading, and class notes. On the flip side they will write journal entries and other writing pieces.

Move to Middle School!

I am very excited about my new position at Baldwin Street Middle School. I am looking forward to focusing on my passion: English/Language Arts. I will be working with students to help them develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I will teach two classes of ELA, two classes of Read 180, and “Say What,” a six week course to help students feel more comfortable speaking in front of others. Watch for more postings that describe these classes in more detail. Parents are encouraged to check the blog weekly to read about what we are doing in class.